Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays and Peace to all..

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays and New Year~

Thank you to all the wonderful people from all over the world this past year who visit my site and my blog, you inspire me constantly.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last minute really cute GIFTS

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday December 11, 2009 as we present "Last Minute Gifts"Christmas is just around the corner, but there’s still time to find just the right gift for that someone special on your shopping list this year. Whatever her interests or tastes, here are some last minute gift ideas that will fill her holiday season with delight, and remind her that you think of her all through the year.A gift for the kitchen is always welcome. Perhaps a delicately embroidered kitchen towel to hang on the over door, a toaster oven cover in the prettiest fabric and lace, white farmhouse canisters for holding utensils or a floral bouquet, or a cupcake clock to add whimsy to her kitchen wall. For a new mother, or a mother-to-be, a baby blanket in soft white fleece or a cuddly bedtime friend for a little one to love. Gifts for the nursery might be a cute cupcake coin bank or a decorative wreath of childhood toys and treasures to display.Do you have a crafter or stitcher on your list? She would be delighted to find a new project under her tree this year. Beautiful quilting fabrics and patterns or a scrapbooking kit for her most precious memories. For the book lover, a vintage basket to hold her favorite books, or a carefully chosen book to give her new inspiration.To add romance and beauty to her home, there are pillows dressed in ruffles and roses, vintage vases and dishes for her shelf, silk flowers in colors that fit with any d├ęcor, a Victorian vanity tray to grace the dresser in her boudoir.Does she spend hours in her garden? Think hand painted birdhouses, cup and saucer birdfeeders for feathered friends. An outdoor fairy house to inspire her creativity. Or if she prefers to spend her time entertaining indoors, perhaps a pretty handcrafted apron, a pair of elegant candlesticks, a broken china teapot to bring out whenever friends come to tea.Your lifelong best friend deserves a gift as beautiful and unique as she is – a one-of-a-kind sterling bracelet, a vintage needlepoint transformed into a boudoir cushion, an antique pendant hanging on a ribbon chain. Cinderella shoes that make her dreams come true with heirloom laces, jewels and vintage brooches.
A last minute Christmas gift can hold all the love and friendship you feel at this season and always.

Joyce Lucas, FounderMake Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Angel Heart Designs Photo Contribution 2: Sew Graceful Photo Contribution 3: The Polka Dot Rose

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cupcakes for the Holidays.Happy Holidays to everyone

I have been busy~baking lot's of new Holiday cupcake items, and designing more of my
"Keep Life Sweet" line. Ice Cream Cone Canisters are baking now, as well as ice cream cone chandelairs, and cake slices, and cupcakes. Happy Holidays to everyone

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How sweet it is..

How sweet it is..these are some of my favorite and cupcakes. My cupcake chandelier~ I'm creating new lighting with sweets on them, cupcakes, cake slices, ice cream cones, and more! Lot's of colors, and styles. I'm so excited!

My last 2 winners were Janet B. and Midi B. leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win a ceramic cupcake light!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Sweet Treats and Tea

Something was bubbling inside the creative studio~ I wanted to to add a little something to my ceramic classes, and my theme this year~"Keep Life Sweet"....

I got out my linens, my original ceramic pieces, that just live in the studio with me..and came up with a plan to have some fun...

"Children's Tea Parties". Add some of my favorites , cupcakes, cookies, tea sandwiches, pretty linens, and paint your own ceramic piece..and it's time to have some fun.

The outdoor studio is 90% finished and plan to begin in a few weeks!

Pink October at Make Mine Pink

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Perfect Present...I just fell in love with these, and had to buy some for friends, and for ME!
All priced under 10.00! Adorn them with a little silver Angel..and note written by you, or a ceramic rose~ They are very heavy, use as a paperweight, or just to look beautiful in your work area..because you are the present too!
The "perfect present" which is called "Forever Present" are made by "Rose" of Sweet Humming Bird Lane, and she has a lovely poem she adds to them as well~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is in the air, and I can only think I've had such a wonderful summer. Starting with a week in Cape Cod at the Make Mine Pink retreat, then visiting family in Chicago, then going on art walks with great friends, visiting local artists studios, even taking some classes to become more creative, and learn about how to recycle more into ART! Here's a few of my favorite pics.

The Breakers mansion in Newport RI..I could have stayed forever it was gorgeous..thanks Marie for suggesting that.

Cute little gift shops all along the roadside..I think we stopped in all of them...well we wanted too!
One of many art studios I visited, was Rebecca Devere's in Kirkland WA.. close to where I live..I signed up for classes to learn a technique called Picasiette...Rebecca makes and cuts all of her own tiles. She taught us this technique..shown is her tiled's gorgeous about 5 ft in length.. currently being shown at Gallery One in Ellensburg WA. Visit her site.she has amazing shrines and tiled art and paintings.

The CUPCAKE shrine I made at her class..I had so much fun making this! I think I know what to do with some of my imperfect ceramic pieces...!

Monday, September 07, 2009

I LOVE a Pink Halloween

Has it really been about 4 months since I've posted on my blog!! Oh! My! I have been such a busy bee the past few much to little time.. I just love the fall, and all the holidays coming up..Have a happy Labor day too!

I'm posting my adorable Pink Pumpkin..that you can have with your name on it as well.. visit my website, to see more very cute PINK Halloween goodies..some Goblins coming this week too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keeping It Green!

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday, April 17, 2009 as we "Keep It Green."Restoring and repurposing vintage products keeps the earth clean while we decorate our homes and our lives. Suddenly following the 3 R's - reducing, reusing, and recycling - is much more than environmentally friendly. Now it's about making everyday things more beautiful. The practice of keeping it "green" can come in many colors... rose petal pink, poppy red, turquoise, pearl and yes, even green. Flea market finds and fragile memories edged with glitter, embossed with jewels, engraved, stitched and woven anew giving old treasures a new purpose.Items lovingly restored to more than their original beauty grace shelves and are welcomed into our cozy corners. Table linens returned to their crisp, former selves discover new life draped over an antique oak table or reinvented as a charming pillow or or tote. Silver pieces, shining brighter than before, sit proudly upon a freshly painted piece of discarded furniture. China and mirrored glass salvaged from cobwebbed corners set a graceful display. Repurposing gives items with forgotten histories new stories to tell. Rescued needlepoints are transformed into luxurious pillows, stitched with beautiful silks and trims, and shared with a friend. Postcard pictures become pendants, someone's love notes worn as special gems. Silk ribbons, velvet trims, handmade lace, are added to vintage finds. Tapestries transform into bags, repurposed into something perfect, just for you. Even the smallest fragments of memories are unwasted. The tiniest scrap of lace from a time-ravaged heirloom can be reused, and add a "just-so" touch to a new creation. Altered art repurposes the most unlikely items from the longest forgotten closets into pieces of beauty with new intent. Whimsical works assembled from many vintage and repurposed items. Shoes trimmed with flowers, pink winged fairies, items put together with nothing more than the intent to make you smile.Repurposed Fabric Tote Image by: Dianne Hadaway -

Mama's PocketbookRepurposed Sweater Chick Image by: Tedi Mercer - Petite Bookstore

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Marie Antoinette Pink Friday~...Let them eat cupcakes!

Antoinette was young, tall, blonde and beautiful and she set fashion trends through France and Europe. She was nicknamed "Madame Deficit" or "Queen of Debt” because the Queen spent lavishly on her dress and adornments, exceeding annually her clothing allowance (her overruns always covered by her devoted husband Louis). Her flip remark “Let them eat cake” (attributed to her, but never confirmed) was the spark that ignited the French Revolution. Today, we simply cannot get enough of “Marie”Only 15 when she married the crown prince of France, the dauphin. France was then the most powerful nation of continental Europe, and the royal palace at Versailles the most opulent. She became Queen of France while still a teen. Her excessive fashions for high headdresses, plumes and voluminous dresses were subject to public comment, admiration and ridicule. At Versailles, the Queen also spent lavishly on her friends and on her entertainment. She held frequent gambling parties, masquerade balls and danced all night long.To escape the formalities, boredom, and royal obligations of court, Marie-Antoinette created a private realm of pleasure for herself and her friends at the Petit Trianon, a small retreat palace on the grounds of Versailles, and Hameau, where she planted the first Anglo-Chinese garden; collected all species of antique roses; and revolutionized architecture and gardening trends. It was so much her escape that the King was reported only to have visited her there a few times.So why do we love Marie Antoinette today? All her extravagance, her life of excess, her hairstyles that were larger than life, her reported love of pastries and champagne (some truth and some fiction as Marie was a teetotaler) all create for us a time and place where a young girl can be Queen. Marie Antoinette has become a real inspiration.
Director of Community Relations @MakeMinePink.comDesigner @

Image by: The Polka Dot Rose -

Friday, March 20, 2009

One of a Kind TreasuresRemember the days when we wanted to be like everyone else? We wanted to have the same clothes, same hairstyles, same…. everything. Only the very brave dared to be one of a kind.Sometimes it takes courage to say "I am different. I will be one of a kind." But over time, you discover that what makes a thing, or a person, unique is often the same thing that makes them beautiful. Taking chances, standing out, can make you a trendsetter and everyone else followers.At Make Mine Pink, one thing each boutique owner has in common with the others is that her boutique is one of a kind. Our boutique owners are always on the lookout for unique and special one of a kind and vintage treasures that are rich in history. Each treasure in our shops comes with a story, and no two stories are the same.When you browse through the shops at Make Mine Pink, you'll discover unique handcrafted pieces designed and produced by our artists and boutique owners. They hunt through flea markets, thrift stores, unique design shops. They peek in corners everyone else has forgotten to discover treasures everyone else has overlooked. Every bauble, piece of fabric, abandoned item they find might be a gem waiting to be unearthed.Each piece in the Make Mine Pink boutiques is designed and created to give its owner a product that can be treasured for years to come. In our shops you’ll find some of the latest trends, many handcrafted by our boutique owners, right here in the United States.When you shop at Make Mine Pink, you can feel confident that many of your purchases are one of a kind. A piece of art that is unique in its own right, as original as you.?
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Image provided by:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dianne is the winner..

Congratulations to Dianne of Mama's Pocketbook, she won this adorable plaque that I made, part of my new ROYAL designs...that we need to be reminded of daily..stay tuned for monthly contests, items also available for sale on my website~

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pink Friday Be My Valentine

"Yet, O thou beautiful rose! Queen rose so fair and sweet. What were lover or crown to thee, without the clay at thy feet?" ~ Julia C R Dorr
I just love the word "clay" in this quote~

Visit the lovely shops at Make Mine Pink and see what Pink Friday is all about~

Shopping with a twist~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Whites For Pink Friday

Winter Whites

I love winter~ long January days where the snow stretches until it blends with the low white clouds. No definition of distance, just shadows to foretell what is to come. Winter is clean, cold and refreshing. Snowy whites and creamy ivory swirl together creating a sense of calm. The air is still. The whole world seems at peace. As nature rests under a blanket of snow, time is spent in thought. There are books to be read, journals to be written, rooms to refresh, plans to be made for the garden. But nothing needs to move to fast. We have time. Winter is here and we can take things slow, time to relax and get lost in dream world of all white.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Angel Heart Designs is excited to be part of PINK FRIDAY events at Make Mine Pink! This year promises to be full of fun and exciting PINK Friday themes for your shopping pleasure. Won't you join us each Friday as Make Mine Pink presents "Shopping with a Twist?"This Friday, January 23,the theme is "Romantic Roses" My Ceramic Roses include my Drawer pulls, Rose Clocks, Buttons and more.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love to go Royal..

For my Monday show and tell, I'm adding more glam, more bling, who doesn't like sparkle.

A clock that's ROYAL... would fit into any decor and I just love this look. What do you do to add a little sparkle to your day, to feel special, to feel like a queen? I'm having a contest. A Valentines present we all deserve. Share what do you do to add sparkle or glam to your day, to feel better, and you'll be entered in my contest to's a secret?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

How Sweet it is!

A new year, new ideas, fresh like the fallen snow~ My show and tell this week is about my most recent trip to LA.. then driving back home to this..SNOW!!!!! even one of my goats, seen in picture wonder why I left sunny Los Angeles, but you gotta do, what you gotta do, and my home is in the Northwest...yadda yadda, anyway, I did have a nice time, one of the highlights was meeting Debra of Lilli's Blue She was my Secret Sister for this winter. She invited me to her lovely cottage right in the heart of Beverly Hills where I was staying with friends. We drank tea and ate cookies, and talked about everything fun, in our businesses, we shared new ideas for the new year, I wished I could have stayed longer~her place was magical, peaceful, and very comfortable...Visit her blog for some lovely reading..

I had to show this's so I was having lunch at my favorite little cafe Clementine's just across from Century City, I was telling some friends I missed my "pink" world and couldn't wait to return home to create more pink art!!! Well...I looked up and saw this Restaurant
"Pink Taco" and just about flipped!! My PINK angels were trip inspired me so upon my return I came home and started making Pink cupcake clocks...How sweet it is~~~