Monday, September 10, 2007

Well , Happy Tea Time to everyone.. I invited some friends, I set a comfortable table, I favorite china Theodore Haviland Rose , some of my favorite Angel Heart Design tea pots...under my favorite tree, next to my garden studio, and at my garden gate that leads to my chickies and my goats..well...little did I know, the plums were ripe & dropping like little bombs, afraid they would break my china......the goats were trying to get out because they could see them falling , so we quickly set up another table, added a tent cause it was a very warm day in the Pacific Northwest, and our goodies were starting to melt! We did serve Lemon coconut cake, assorted scones, cookies, little tea sandwiches, and a very fruity fruit tart! It was a fun adventure , I can't wait to do it again, we actually had so much fun under our plum tree, we kept our table there, and had dinner, lit candles, added outside lighting and all...and hubby did join in!