Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally..he's coming home!

Monday's are Make Mine and tells, and I'm taking a "Clay Break" for a little this is my latest exciting thing...and by golly it's time...:)
My baby is coming home...and I'm so excited...he's actually my oldest child..he's been in South of France and Spain this summer..

But darn it..just for a friends wedding then he's off again...such a traveler.. this time maybe to New Zealand, to work ... then hopefully soon we'll all be off to start our business in South of France..maybe 1 year from now! Please please wouldn't that be fun...fingers crossed!
Also..most of you know I LIVED IN GREECE..on an island for 3 years...many many moons ago...well..I just saw the movie MAMA's GREAT!!!! A Must see!!!!!
Looks just the island where I lived on Paros! Meryl Streep had 3 hotties that summer in the movie, I'll never kiss n tell.. LOL
Greece sure is a fun time in summer when your young...a VERY funny movie to watch if you want some beautiful Greek "Shirley Valentine" a hoot!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chocolate WHO KNEW!!

Well this is great!

Chocolate is the new SUNSCREEN! The Journal of medicine...or one of those journals..said that 2 tablespoons eaten....not rubbed on your body....of our VERY FAVORITE thing acts as a sunscreen I heard the NBC morning show...I just HAD to share that!! LOL

Monday, July 07, 2008

Show and tell and Have fun!

Its been a very busy couple of weeks, I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July!

I saved the lives of some baby robins, the nest fell to the ground and I rescued it, stuck it in a birdfeeder with chains so it wouldn't fall out again.. they'll fly away any's been so neat watching them grow and the mom coming back and finding the nest that fell..I've been recording it daily...

thanks to Karen at did the same thing a bit ago...and posted what to do! Thank you Karen!

I've been teaching Ceramics and had a fun Birthday party and here's some pics of them feeding the goats...they had fun!

It was Kensies party (she's in pink)and there's her mom very good friend!!