Friday, November 24, 2006

Holidays are approaching FAST..'s been a very busy..past few shows weekly..I still have 3 more until Dec. 10..then it's a wrap for 2006! It's been so much fun, an inspiration, but the best part is meeting all the wonderful, creative, fun people.
All the artistic ideas that dance around in my head..screaming to get out...but I NEED..a few more hours in the day..anyone know how to make a 28 hr. day... until then..I breathe, I close my eyes...I try to time manage... not letting anything or anyone..set me off my path..I did go to my FAVORITE garden store today MOLBAKS w/ a girlfriend..bought a zillion..winter plants..pansies...primrose..colored ivy..& even planted everything in pots in the my deck & studio looks pretty..even splurged on a Hybiscus for my inside studio.....gorgeous bright yellow...I'm a flower nut...probably was one in a past life...LOL..

I'm stressin' a teey weeny bit...I'm making Angels & ornaments for the holidays... and also some fun creative art for a Gallery opening in Dec. in Taos..named Gallery Lou Lou...I'm making some guitar clocks..hundreds of guitar magnets & other Rock n Roll themed ceramic art..I'm so excited..cause it's off the beaten path of my shabby style..I LOVE challanges... I will post them...well better get back to my studio..and wishing a safe & happy holiday season to all...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oodles and Oodles of Pink Ornaments

Angels, Tea pots, stars, dogs..and a 'pink bone" for your'pink pooch'