Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and a wonderful 2008! Don't forget to.....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Out On Good Behavior

Well, the other day I decided it was time to treat myself and have fun with a friend! I did all my holiday shopping, had a very fun "Ceramic Open House" with my all my little students for 3 HOURS!!! ....sent orders out and gifts, polished and cleaned my house for our holiday the last minute my sweet friend got sick! ( I even went and got a flu shot) ....that's another story! So the plan was to visit "CiCi's Jewelry" open house in Seattle....she is an amazing artist, sculpting jewelry, with handblown glass, and gorgeous beads, from glass mermaids, to roses (I own one of those!) succulent grape sculptures..a must se...anyway..I really don't like driving too far alone....but I needed to escape...and have fun...I drove through forests, over bridges, 3 fwys, tunnels, uphills, and finally, I arrived to Seattle's Westside. Charming as could be..cottage style homes, white picket fences, and the feel of Christmas everywhere..and POURING RAIN!!!!! All the while what...this will be fun...I never get out..always working...SO..I get lost of course...Then I find CiCi's charming house, with a white picket fence, I walk in, her house decorated with SO many unique ornaments, hanging everywhere..(I'm holding the Eiffel Tower...)I wanted it!! LOL...LOL.....all along the ceiling, my mouth open as I gaze all the amazing pretty things! Lot's of people already there, buying up her pretty thoughts..what I'm supposed to have I will...sure enough...I find the most AMAZING..little vintage earings...that have a brass charm.. swarovski's of course.Qui..or Non! Is that me or what..? I can never make up my little gemini mind...I bought the beautiful pink heart necklace too! With the Qui or Non charm too!...Well, I stayed a a bit longer..snatched up some other pearl and crystal goodies some for friends..& when everyone left, CiCi & I chatted..we took some pics, had some some giggles..then realizing I was teaching a class that day..I had to hurry & make the hour travel back home in a hurry...but with a BIG smile....I had a wonderful and fun time...Thank you Cici!!! Your Valentine show..what date??LOL :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some Tea with Those Cookies?

Well, it's been fun eating some great cookies this week...and I made the cutest pink Tea Pot to go with them. Thought I would share my Pink Santa Pot and my newest Pink Holiday clock! Always food safe.. made in the USA. by me~

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Cookie Exchange French Shortbreads!

Welcome to my Christmas Cookie exchange..I made..well I tried.. these are so
de-lish!! OK! I lied a little, my DH..FC (French Chef) hubby made them with me....a famous traditional cookie recipe from world reknown French chef , Gaston LeNotre..he was a famous pastry chef in his time he lived from 1920 until the 1990's. Well these cookies, are TDF, little shortbread as I would call them, but they have a fancy French name too! I dipped them half in melted chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar! We had so much fun making them AFTER our art show that we did on Saturday. It's official we are snowed IN!..can't get out so why not BAKE....and eat of course. By the way, no calories this week at all!

This starts out like this, makes about 40 (3 rolls of cookie dough @ 1 1/2 " diameter)

1/2 cup granulated sugar, 3/4 cup soft butter, 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract, 1 3/4 cups flour, salt just a pinch, 1 egg yolk, large granulated sugar if you have it, if not regular. Mix sugar, butter and vanilla first, then everything together in mixer, then refridgerate for 30 min. then, divide mixture in 3 parts, roll out in shape of sausage, then again refridgerate for 15 min.

Beat the egg, brush the rolls all over, then roll in sugar then pre-heat oven @ 400 F cut each roll of dough into 1/2 " slices & place on a lightly buttered baking sheet. Bake for 13 minutes or until golden brown..let cool..

December fun!

Where did this year go? Already December, and with so many things to do and things to think about..I choose FUN! I wish that for all of you too! I will not get overwhelmed, I will not stress, even though I do much more than I should, but I do have fun! Doing art shows a couple a week, this holiday time..has me bouncing....but I cannot forget those who have less, so I choose to give and to have fun! On my December newsletter being sent in a few days, I will have another be sure to join my mailing list on my website for something fun....

Also, please visit to read the new "Women Who Inspire" article, I interviewed Christie Repasy, world reknowned Rose Laguna Beach Calif. It was an honor and a lot of fun!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's show time!

I've started doing my holiday gift shows, they are always so much fun, we are doing about 2 or 3 a week..this week a favorite is the Columbia Winery in Woodinville..Sat. Nov. 10 and Sun. 11th..if your nearby stop by and say Hi!. It's always fun because I make mostly wine items..these are my favorite little plaques with sassy wine sayings, and always get a good giggle!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My Trip To Laguna Beach!

November snuck in, I'm back from my vacation to Los Angeles, visiting family and friends, but the most fun was meeting Christie Repasy, world reknowned Rose Painter, and doing an interview with her for the December, Make Mine Pink monthly article "Women Who Inspire". Christie has always been my inspiration.

My sweet friend Linda PICTURED WITH CHRISTIE and I had a very fun day! We drove to Laguna Beach, where we met with Christie at her shop for a couple of hours. We met Alice who manages the shop, and adorable Jack, Christie's puppy a poodle mix. Her paintings are amazing, and you know her creative, sensitive, love of art comes from the heart. Christie has always been my inspiration. My love of roses all my life, and my desire to create them in ceramic really began when I first saw her read more visit in December Women Who Inspire article.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October already...

It's already fall..Pink October, and boy time does fly!

In honor of Pink October, I will donate a portion of my sales during the month of October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I've made some pink Tea Pots.

I've been fortunate not to have lost any close friends or family to breast cancer. Some close calls... but so far it's all ok....My thoughts and prayers are with all that have...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Yikes! I've been tagged twice the past 2 weeks....

By Deb of Cozy Cottage and Janet of Janet's Creative here's 14~

1) I'm always happy and grateful for every day and count my blessings

2)I believe we are all connected for a reason, I am very sensitive & spiritual... did I say very....

3) I laugh a lot, it's inner jogging

4) I like to make others laugh, I love comedy

5) I love animals and have 3 goats, 4 dogs, and chickens

6)I love and collect angels

7)When I lived in Los Angeles where I grew up, I owned an errand running co. for famous people, maybe I'll write a "tell all" book?? KIDDING!!

8) I live just outside Seattle WA. & love the weather and garden in the rain, and need to have plants and/or flowers in my studio all the time..

9) I'm not an organized artist, tools and clay and things everywhere, I'm working on that...

10) I'm married for 29 years to a french chef and eat gourmet food every day, and have 3 sons, 27, 22, 17, all single... & we are all very close and happy...

11) I eat chocolate daily, & ice-cream daily but like it half melted and exercise

12)I enjoy politics, and world news

13) I'm happy with all the online friends I've made, the wonderful experience of the internet, and stay up way too late..I'm a night owl

14)Enjoy each day to the fullest

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Fun Halloween things!

Fall is in the air, rust, orange and gold colors everywhere... it's so much fun to create everything Halloween, from pink ghosts and pumpkins, to even traditional colors just a bit's fun to change things around with's some new things I've added to my website..I just haven't made a Halloween angel yet! Hmmmm...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Well , Happy Tea Time to everyone.. I invited some friends, I set a comfortable table, I favorite china Theodore Haviland Rose , some of my favorite Angel Heart Design tea pots...under my favorite tree, next to my garden studio, and at my garden gate that leads to my chickies and my goats..well...little did I know, the plums were ripe & dropping like little bombs, afraid they would break my china......the goats were trying to get out because they could see them falling , so we quickly set up another table, added a tent cause it was a very warm day in the Pacific Northwest, and our goodies were starting to melt! We did serve Lemon coconut cake, assorted scones, cookies, little tea sandwiches, and a very fruity fruit tart! It was a fun adventure , I can't wait to do it again, we actually had so much fun under our plum tree, we kept our table there, and had dinner, lit candles, added outside lighting and all...and hubby did join in!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Please Come For Tea

Fill your week with Tea Parties !

Starting Monday September 10, have a fun filled week with the

Make Mine Pink Bloggers
as they host a virtual Tea Party.
Visit the Mine Pink Blog for all the information and a list of participating
Make Mine Pink Blogs.

Why Tea Party? Well what can be more fun, tea for two, tea for one, a princess tea, a mother/daughter tea, best friends tea, long lost friends tea, or to just take a moment to slow down and enjoy the tea.

Join in on the fun and host a virtual tea party too. We will be visiting all the Make Mine Pink blogs and yours too if you decide to host your own party.

You will see beautiful and unique tables set for tea; many will have a special theme. Will you join us and post a photo of your Tea Party on your very own blog?

Post a comment on Make Mine Pink’s Blog and we will include you on the list.So expect many visitors~ please have cookies ready

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A PINK Halloween

Well, it's almost here..Halloween! I just had to share my adorable new finds I've painted in the sweetest pink polka dots! Made especially for Angel Heart Designs the pumpkin with a cut out name is a must for anyone who loves Halloween! To purchase please visit my website, they are special order only, unless of course you order "BOO" coming soon! Who says they have to be orange and black. Visit my site for some other PINK Polka dot spooky things!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Santa Fe in July..where's all the PINK?
 was time for my dear friend, Lou Lou's art gallery opening in Sante Fe! Her and Soaring Crow bought a magnificent Victorian home in the heart of town and made it into an art Gallery. The speciality will be photos! Well it was an experience, not to mention the "king" of experience Jimmy Hendrix, only the 2nd show in the U.S. to feature these incredible photos. If you make it to Santa Fe the exibit is on until August 31st. Here's some ceramic guitar magnets I made for the opening..They flew a second they were gone...I'll have to make more.

Well I ventured out with a new found friend who owned a nearby spa..looking for PINK to take pics of. Well, I thought Where's all the PINK!..Santa Fe is all brown..kinda tan... very pretty if you like tan!..well I did find ONE thing to photograph..& I'll share this cute Pink sign I wanted to take it home..ckeck out the cute Pink Art Center..WOW! with a blue door...

I was on a mission! No shabby, no cottage, I felt like a fish out of the water..I was determined to have fun..even though the 2pm storms, with raindrops the size of plates..oh! my!..I was in search for more PINK!!

This is all I really found, in downtown Santa Fe..and the day was wonderful..spent with good friends... Here's Lou Lou walking down Gallery Row!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July to Everyone...

I love July... to celebrate our freedom...the beautiful fireworks show...the summer days... to be in the my garden with all my cute animals you can see..they celebrate too! This is little falcor my sweet Boston Bull Terrier, she follows me around like a shadow, studio to studio, she's even on my website...and never minds getting dusted with clay..I LOVE July..I also want to celebrate my new sister website ""..I'm going much as possible, I will make the effort, and will try to help & guide others too and make it fun! I welcome those who make art from recycled materials, or art with an environmental message. Come visit Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful July.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Someone Will Win a Pink Diamond"

We are so excited! As a proud member of, we have joined with other Pink Boutiques and Make Mine Pink for the “Pink Diamond Campaign”.

Every year Make Mine Pink likes to do something special to honor our valued customers, clients and friends. In all, $2500 worth of fabulous pink prizes will be awarded throughout the contest with a Grand Prize of a genuine pink diamond pendant.
There are several fun ways to win prizes for the Campaign, by just visiting the boutiques at Make Mine Pink and locating the six diamonds hidden among the participating Pink Boutiques each of the six months, or you may see one of the Make Mine Pink boutique owners wearing her pink rhinestone “MMP” pin as she goes about day to day activities, or making a donation to a favorite women’s charity. A monthly prize will be awarded for May, June, July, August and September entries with a grand prize awarded for the month of October. It’s that easy!

Join us in our excitement by visiting all the Pink Boutiques at Make Mine Pink.

For more information, you may visit the “Pink Diamond Contest” link at Make Mine Pink.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A beautiful PINK Northwest day!

Well... It all started on this gorgeous gloomy Saturday.. When all I wanted to do was go outside, pick some flowers, because I could see my camellia bush in full bloom. And I really needed some beautiful flowers to keep me company when I played with clay today...Well the sun came out, it was beautiful, then I knew I could take some pretty pics, well at least I took one..My favorite things, take a guess?

Monday, April 09, 2007

A clock with a Perfect message

Well, as the school vacations come and go, summer just around the corner, our kids will be home more... I really need to let the kids know who's boss! Everyone uses clocks..we all need one, why not have one with a message..I Make the Rules...Time to Garden...Forever and Always..and of course I Love of my favorite little clocks..I'll be posting a new one on my website very make it fun watching the time go by...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

How Sweet it is!

I love & adore my sweets! Spring is here & I'm having so much fun painting up a storm, enjoying my cake, eating it too without the calories...visit my website for more sweets & assorted colors too!ALSO...keep an eye out to WIN a real PINK DIAMOND..contest starts soon..@ the pinkest.. sweetest.. place on earth..Make Mine Pink!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's Spring..

Well the weather has been quite interesting here in the Northwest..snow, windstorms, even hail today, so large...I thought it would break my windows, as I sat working with clay and making new cute things for spring..then in an instant sunshine...hmmmm! Mother nature is up to something..

Well I know I am..I have lot's of new designs up my sleeve, mini flower pots/planters for those ever so cute little flowering plants, that you want to keep small but need a groovy little cute pot! A big Thank You to Pam from Texas who wrote me & inquired about that~~~she is my "win a gift" design for March~..Coming soon large roses with hooks to hang just about anything..keys, maybe a cutain back, a towel or a clipboard..
Today I'm posting my newest spring bowls. They are perfect for anything, soaps, jewely, candy, even office doo dads.. and food! I always use safe glazes~

Can't wait to work outside in my outdoor studio ~shown on my website~ with all the pretty things Spring brings us! Have a happy start of Spring!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sweet February..WOW! Did it come fast....

Well, January was supposed to be getting organized....NOT exactly!
Then came February...It dawned on me when CH (chef husband) asked what I wanted for a fabulous Valentine dinner...I shrugged & said I had time..he said .. 15 minutes and I'm going to go's heads been in the clay literally...LOL

I was a busy little bee..and it's all good...Here's some of my new heart pretties, which will remain on my site, cause I just love 'em, can never make enough hearts..