Monday, April 28, 2008

I B*--- Therefore I am!

This is such a funny book! I had to buy it at a local book store, for my coffee table. Someone has to B*----! Inspired by Sharon of C'est Chouette , and fed up with poopy weather...and it's almost May!! WOW! it was in the 60's today a heat wave..LOL...LOL But I did plant 95% of my dahlias..Yeah!


Sharon said...

giggle giggle ~ 'bytch' away ~ girlfriend~ see it doesn't looks so bad whem I spell it incorrectly~ LOLOL~S@C'est Chouette

Christine O'Brien said...

I B--ched all day. It snowed here today!

Love the book!


Donna Lynn said...

This has been me of late, always complaining about the weather, dear me, what to do!!! Continue Bytching I guess cause the weather is still kinda cold and weird for the end of April don't you agree girls? HELP, DEAR LORD TURN UP THE HEATER, PLEASE!!!!

Warm weather hopes for us all,
Donna Lynn

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Cindy! I just saw a sign in a gift shop this week - would make a cute ceramic sign...hint hint :) and this is what it said "Bitch" meant...

B being
I in
T total
C control
H herself

Not such a bad word after all!! xoxo ~ Joy