Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Been tagged...MUST respond..OH! No!

I've been tagged, and was told I MUST respond, Christine from Extra Sprinkles the one...OK I'll try!!!!

1. Name 2 scrapbook topics I would like to do: My genealogy and 2) My animals!

2)Name the 2 best places I have ever been to: Paris, Greece

3)Name 2 things I do every day: Eat chocolate...and exercise LOL

4)Name 2 things everyone pretty much already knows about me: I love to play with clay...I have goats and chickens

5)Name 2 places I wish to visit Bali, Spain

6) Name 2 things you may not know about me: Everyday I dolly up... I play guitar..and good!

7)Name 2 nicknames you have had in your life: Bubbly, carrot top

8)Name 2 interesting jobs I have had in my life: Working for Lot's of

9)What 2 fun things I do after work:..Drink wine... I always work....there is no after

10) Name 2 things I would like to learn: Better guitar, ballroom dancing!!

11) What are the last two things I have downloaded or CD bought 2 jazz cd's

12) What are 2 TV shows or movies from childhood I still enjoy watching Lassie..and My favorite Martian


Christine O'Brien said...

Cindy, I loved My Favorite Martian!
I forgot about that one.

You were a very good girl and answered the questions as directed.

A+ for you!!!


Donna Lynn said...

Loved learning new things about you! Me too with the chocolate and excersise, sometimes I run out of my Trader Joes Organic dark chocolate and that makes me want to cry! Love Trader Joe's, don't you?
Have a great day, and BTW, I would love to hear about your catering job!!
Donna Lynn