Sunday, December 23, 2007

Out On Good Behavior

Well, the other day I decided it was time to treat myself and have fun with a friend! I did all my holiday shopping, had a very fun "Ceramic Open House" with my all my little students for 3 HOURS!!! ....sent orders out and gifts, polished and cleaned my house for our holiday the last minute my sweet friend got sick! ( I even went and got a flu shot) ....that's another story! So the plan was to visit "CiCi's Jewelry" open house in Seattle....she is an amazing artist, sculpting jewelry, with handblown glass, and gorgeous beads, from glass mermaids, to roses (I own one of those!) succulent grape sculptures..a must se...anyway..I really don't like driving too far alone....but I needed to escape...and have fun...I drove through forests, over bridges, 3 fwys, tunnels, uphills, and finally, I arrived to Seattle's Westside. Charming as could be..cottage style homes, white picket fences, and the feel of Christmas everywhere..and POURING RAIN!!!!! All the while what...this will be fun...I never get out..always working...SO..I get lost of course...Then I find CiCi's charming house, with a white picket fence, I walk in, her house decorated with SO many unique ornaments, hanging everywhere..(I'm holding the Eiffel Tower...)I wanted it!! LOL...LOL.....all along the ceiling, my mouth open as I gaze all the amazing pretty things! Lot's of people already there, buying up her pretty thoughts..what I'm supposed to have I will...sure enough...I find the most AMAZING..little vintage earings...that have a brass charm.. swarovski's of course.Qui..or Non! Is that me or what..? I can never make up my little gemini mind...I bought the beautiful pink heart necklace too! With the Qui or Non charm too!...Well, I stayed a a bit longer..snatched up some other pearl and crystal goodies some for friends..& when everyone left, CiCi & I chatted..we took some pics, had some some giggles..then realizing I was teaching a class that day..I had to hurry & make the hour travel back home in a hurry...but with a BIG smile....I had a wonderful and fun time...Thank you Cici!!! Your Valentine show..what date??LOL :)

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Sandra Evertson said...

Happy New Year!
Sandra Evertson