Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Cookie Exchange French Shortbreads!

Welcome to my Christmas Cookie exchange..I made..well I tried.. these are so
de-lish!! OK! I lied a little, my DH..FC (French Chef) hubby made them with me....a famous traditional cookie recipe from world reknown French chef , Gaston LeNotre..he was a famous pastry chef in his time he lived from 1920 until the 1990's. Well these cookies, are TDF, little shortbread as I would call them, but they have a fancy French name too! I dipped them half in melted chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar! We had so much fun making them AFTER our art show that we did on Saturday. It's official we are snowed IN!..can't get out so why not BAKE....and eat of course. By the way, no calories this week at all!

This starts out like this, makes about 40 (3 rolls of cookie dough @ 1 1/2 " diameter)

1/2 cup granulated sugar, 3/4 cup soft butter, 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract, 1 3/4 cups flour, salt just a pinch, 1 egg yolk, large granulated sugar if you have it, if not regular. Mix sugar, butter and vanilla first, then everything together in mixer, then refridgerate for 30 min. then, divide mixture in 3 parts, roll out in shape of sausage, then again refridgerate for 15 min.

Beat the egg, brush the rolls all over, then roll in sugar then pre-heat oven @ 400 F cut each roll of dough into 1/2 " slices & place on a lightly buttered baking sheet. Bake for 13 minutes or until golden brown..let cool..

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Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

Mmmmm, you lucky girl. Those french shortbreads look divine. I'll be trying them.