Friday, February 05, 2010

Friends are Sweet Valentines too!

It's almost here..and it's for FRIENDS too!!

This is for my wonderful FRIENDS..some are not here anymore, some I talk to all the time, some I wish I talked to more of the time..Big love to you all..

I have a sweet friend Gail..she gave me this beautiful little rose colored flower vase when we were in Cape Cod last spring, it even has HEARTS all around's a little hard to see, but I just adore it and have it filled with flowers all the time, it's in my studio and it's precious..I also have this very funny silly book, that's in my studio too

Thank you again Gail..I just wanted you to know I love it!!


oliviapaige said...

Hi Cindy!!

What a cute little vase!
Are you ready with your pics of the Valentine Swap? I'm still working on mine. I think maybe I took too many photos and now I can't seem to put them together. lol

Hopefully see you at chat tonight!

Olivia Paige

gail said...

Hi Cindy,, thanks for the sweet words. I am glad you liked the little vase. i thought it was so cute. Have a great weekend, and
Happy Creating,, (()) gail