Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July to Everyone...

I love July... to celebrate our freedom...the beautiful fireworks show...the summer days... to be in the my garden with all my cute animals you can see..they celebrate too! This is little falcor my sweet Boston Bull Terrier, she follows me around like a shadow, studio to studio, she's even on my website...and never minds getting dusted with clay..I LOVE July..I also want to celebrate my new sister website ""..I'm going much as possible, I will make the effort, and will try to help & guide others too and make it fun! I welcome those who make art from recycled materials, or art with an environmental message. Come visit Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful July.


My Pink Boutique said...

What a cute pooch! She looks like a great pal.


Janet Bernasconi said...

OMG your doggie is adorable! Please enter him into my Pet of the Month Contest! What a cute pie.